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What makes beautiful skin? Healthy turnover

TurnoverTurnover means the metabolic cycle through which dead skin cells are replaced with younger cells. Healthy skin is said to have a 28-day cycle, and within this period new skin is regenerated. Either a shorter or longer period is not good for the skin. It is important for healthy skin to have a regular turnover cycle. Even if you get a suntan in summer, the healthy skin will be returned to its former state in winter, because melanin is also shed through turnover. However, in modern life, air pollution, low-quality tap water, poor blood circulation due to excessive air conditioning, excessive skin care, synthetic chemicals in food or cosmetics, and stress can disrupt the rhythm of turnover. Then, the suntanned skin cannot be returned to its former state, and what's worse, it causes skin trouble such as stains, pimples, bumpy skin, atopic dermatitis and rough-textured skin. With a good turnover cycle, the skin barrier functions work properly and all the skin problems, including blotches and highly sensitive skin, can be prevented. The skin can always be kept healthy and beautiful. The disrupted turnover cycle can be gradually returned to normal by sending a normal vibration to the skin with the pure, living power of water and flowers, and elicits the power of recovery that is essential in normal, healthy skin.

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