AQUA&FLOWERS Human beings, animals, plants, and flowers grow and live on the earth, the planet of water. Water on the earth and water in our body interact with each other in nature. However, in recent years, with the advancement of technologies, countless synthetic compounds such as preservatives (antiseptics, anti-oxidants) have been developed and artificial materials which do not contain oxygen are everywhere around us. They affect our body rhythm, and disrupt the natural cycle of our body's metabolism, resulting in changes in our body. Taking heed of non-biodegradable materials in the environment, residual substances on our skin or in our body, and toxic substances, we would like to be naturalists who care about the environment. We realize the most important thing is a healthy mind and beautiful natural skin. We conduct constant research, attaching importance on regaining healthy, beautiful skin rather than putting on makeup to look beautiful. Antianti's key concepts of beauty based on natural science are "AQUA" and "FLOWERS." We have perfected our living cosmetics, "Fresh Organic Cosmetics" by blending specially selected water and the world's highest-ranking flowers. They are stocked in refrigerators and quality controlled in the store to keep them fresh and alive.

What do "living" cosmetics mean?

A. Ingredients can be kept in a "living" state by using no synthetic chemicals whatsoever. In nature, flowers and plants which have been grown under sunlight and heat, the moon, wind, water and soil with nature's immense power are endowed with healing effects and plenty of blessings of nature, such as oxygen, vitamins and minerals. However, if synthetic chemicals that do not contain oxygen and are non-biodegradable are added, the vitamins are broken down, and water and oxygen are lost, resulting in the loss of the wonderful blessings of nature. Therefore antianti is committed to the principle that our products are totally synthetic chemical-free. No synthetic chemicals, such as surface activators, synthetic perfume, synthetic colorants, synthetic preservatives (paraben), or synthetic antioxidants have been added. This makes it possible to deliver the superb effects of flowers to the mind and skin in a "living" state.

Can cosmetics be kept fresh without preservatives or antiseptics?

A. We use a unique technique of stabilizing and ensuring optimal freshness of our products, utilizing wisdom from ancient times, fermentation and maturation. If you keep the product in a good storage condition, you can always keep it fresh. Unsealed products can be kept fresh up to a year from delivery if they are kept refrigerated. Although even opened products can be kept fresh if you follow the instructions on storage condition, it would be best to use them up as early as possible. For detailed instruction on storage condition for each product, please refer to the catalogue page.

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