Highest-quality Flowers Highly-selected from All Over the World

Highest-quality Flowers Highly-selected from All Over the World

Highest-quality Flowers Highly-selected from All Over the World Flowers are blessed with water as we human beings are on the earth. Flowers, with their pleasant odor, have vitality, and harbor an amazing beauty effect and a high healing effect. The energy of top grade flowers and plants such as rose, lavender, jasmine, ylang-ylang, chamomile and neroli, which are carefully selected by seasoned artisans, are lavishly condensed into our products.

Confidential secret of roses---fermentation and maturation

Antianti adheres to roses more than any other flower.
Research on the scent and efficacy of roses had been started around 1985, long before antianti was established.
Through that experience, we have developed numerous rose products, employing much of our thoughts on roses.

We would like to share with you a small part of our confidential secret concerning roses. Our rose products are made of "rose water" and "rose oil" which are extracted from Bulgarian organic roses. They are cultivated through a method in compliance with the rhythm of nature without acting contrary to nature. We attach great importance to selecting farmers who grow roses of prime quality. We rigorously screen farmers who stick to a natural organic cultivation method without using any agricultural chemicals. In the harvest season, skilled professionals start picking roses as the day starts to break, and keep working until just before sunrise. Withered or crumbled flowers are eliminated. Roses picked just before blooming are put into a smooth, breathable linen bag and taken immediately to the factory. There starts the extraction of rose water and rose oil from the freshly-picked roses. The roses are steam distilled with natural water that contains an adequate amount of minerals. Rose water and rose oil are extracted in a meticulously slow process. Only one kilogram of rose oil can be obtained out of three to five tons of roses, and the amount is subject to change annually due to the quality of roses. Rose water and rose oil which are produced through this time-consuming process contain abundant blessings bestowed by nature. Now, we will disclose our most confidential secret of roses. With long-standing research and development we managed to succeed in generating a unique method that applies the ancient wisdom of fermentation and maturation. With this method, the active ingredients of roses are enhanced and eventually polyphenol, which is known as a natural antioxidant, is successfully generated. This substance plays a role of a natural disinfectant and preservative, stabilizing the product and ensuring optimal freshness for an unexpectedly longer time, as well as working as an antioxidant to the skin. Rose water and rose oil made with affection and conscientious care are used in many of our products.

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