About Antianti

Antianti is a small cosmetic maker established in 2000 in Toyama Prefecture, located in the northern part of the central district of the main island. Our key concepts are living cosmetics blended with specially selected water and the world's highest-quality flowers. We launched our business with the founder's passionate wish to send the world's highest-quality super natural cosmetics from Japan to the world. Antianti cosmetics which integrate modern natural science and ancient tradition of healing are made with the lavish use of natural materials finely selected from around the world, including extremely pure rose, jasmine, neroli, and lavender. One of our commitments is that most of these materials are also edible. Without any synthetic chemical substances, our products are made with a thoroughly organic production method, and the natural quality is guaranteed by being meticulously hand-made, based on natural science. It's because we are a small company that we can focus more on quality. We hope that we can live up to the expectations.

Our Policy Statements